See Steriflow Retort Sterilization Technologies at Upcoming Anuga Food Tech Exhibition

Steriflow/Anuga Food Tec

Please be advised STERIFLOW Thermal Processing will be exhibiting at the upcoming Anuga Food Tech Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, March 27-30, 2012 in Hall 10.1, Booth E20/F29. Steriflow offers high performance sterilization technologies for the food, pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.

STERIFLOW will showcase one static STERIFLOW diameter 1300 mm 6 baskets, single door including:

  • PLATULAR® heat exchanger at the back of the vessel
  • MPI EXPERT controller / digital recorder, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Stainless steel coating instead of standard aluminum
  • Chain conveyor for mechanized handling of the baskets inside the STERIFLOW
  • Additional water inlet / outlet on the PLATULAR® heat exchanger with a thermostat (can be used with chilled water for instance)
  • FDA compliant digital thermometer instead of a MIG (Mercury In-Glass) thermometer
  • RADAR technology water level directly linked to the MPI EXPERT for automatic regulation of the process water level (useful mainly if different types of containers with different water retentions are thermal processed in the same STERIFLOW unit as it enables to adjust the process water levels more accurately and reduce such process water consumptions)


Steriflow will also exhibit accessories such as:

  • Standard stainless steel basket type PS for rigid containers (cans, glass jars, aluminum trays or cups)
  • Standard stainless steel trolley (with plastic wheels)
  • Standard 3 mm thick PP layer pad for manual handling
  • Stainless steel stackable trays for rice in stand-up pouches in rotation
  • Stainless steel PET type basket including one frame with 10 levels and 10 PET type double bottom drawer trays for large flexible containers (pouches, plastic trays)
  • Stainless steel PTP type basket including one frame with 4 corners and stackable single perforated PTP type trays for small to medium-sized flexible containers (pouches, plastic trays)


Visit Steriflow’s booth to see video of the FULL TURNKEY sterilization system for ready meals and also see the latest developments with SHAKA® rapid retort sterilization process that offers lower process time, increased product quality, and improved nutritional value.

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