WALDNER – An Interview with Karl Angele


Personally Known Internationally

WALDNER is active around the world, not only in Germany. For many years the corporation has been exporting approximately 75% of its DOSOMAT filling and packaging machines around the globe.

An interview with Karl Angele,CEO of Hermann WALDNER.

Mr Angele, when has WALDNER started to supply customers also outside of Germany?

Karl Angele: Initially, due to the geographical proximity we have supplied our equipment to Austria, France, Switzerland, and Italy at an early stage already. In the 1970s/80s, when I became Managing Director, our second nonGerman speaking export market used to be Poland.

To what countries is WALDNER supplying its goods nowadays?

Basically we sell to almost all countries. Only recently we completed a largesize contract in the USA, Iran, Africa and even to Senegal.

What are the requirements the corporation has to comply with?

Every country has its own rules and regulations, even within Europe. And there are quite a lot of differences. There are special requirements for hygiene, electrical, and safety – to all of which we, of course, comply for all countries: FDA, 3A, ASME, etc.; let alone the various European guidelines.

WALDNER known around the world?

Basically, it is all about personal contacts, and the very best contact exchanges are trade shows. Therefore, we have been taking part in the Interpack trade show in Germany. Interpack is the world’s largest and most important trade show for both the packaging industry and the related processing industries. Interpack has been going on for more than 50 years. We already exhibited dairy systems at “All 4 Pack” in France back in the 1960s, which was called “Salon d ‘Emballage” back then. The result was that we were able to make a name for ourselves with our products in the dairy packaging industry. Ever since the beginning of the 1980s, we have also been represented at Pack Expo in the USA, and as a result we were awarded with largesize contracts by the Kraft Foods Corporation. By being> present at this trade show we also cover the South American and Canadian markets. Since the end of the 1980s we have also been participating in Upakovka in Moscow, whereas the Gulfood Manufacturing show in Dubai has been our contact exchange for the Middle East.

With many competitors at trade shows, how is WALDNER so successful?

We believe the success of our business is in our sales force. After all, we are not selling mobile phones, but a product that requires detailed explanation. Therefore, trust in Waldner’s expertise has to be front and center. Over the years Waldner has developed a reputation as a successful family owned business that supplies high quality machinery. The after sales service is a part of the organizations proudest achievements. Waldner has service teams internationally located to respond quickly to our customers’ requests. Even remote maintenance has become standard at Waldner. Furthermore our customers know that our machines are unique and built for challenging applications. The DOSOMAT brand offers high flexibility and quick changeover according to their needs only after detailed consultation and a requirement analysis. Platform technology, industry 4.0 are things we have been providing for years. With our machines our customers are able to quickly adapt to ever changing markets. It would not be unusual to see 2530 year old DOSOMATS running in plants around the world.

How do you develop new market segments?

As you know, we develop the products according to our customer’s requirements. New and challenging projects open ideas to new markets and niches. For example, in this way we built a line for ultrafiltration cheese which opens up new market segments.

Where do you see WALDNER in the future?

Presently we are the global market leader in the fields of petfoodfilling and highcapacity machines for standup pouch filling. However, we see opportunities to increase our market share on a global scale and this is one of our goals moving forward.

It is difficult, but it is a challenge the Waldner team welcomes.

Karl Angele